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Are you struggling with Weight loss?!



Do you have a constant struggle, when it comes to LOSING WEIGHT?!

Are you in one of the below categories?

Addictive – Are there some foods that once you start eating them you can’t stop? E.g. a big bucket of hot chips, or a tub of ice-cream?  Do you crave sugar?

Emotional – Do you use food to push down your emotions and feelings?  E.g. eating when you are bored, lonely, or upset?

Habitual – Did you have to finish everything on your plate, as a child?  Do you eat whenever food is in front of you regardless of whether or not you are hungry?

Ignorant – Do you think all food labelled low fat, diet and reduced sugar must be good for you?  Do you think fruit bars, apple/orange/pineapple etc. drinks are just as good as fresh fruit?

So what to do, I hear you ask?!

Awareness is the first step.  Start to train your brain to send the right signals to your subconscious.  You can do this by positive self-talk:

  • Addictive eaters – “I could choose to eat sugary/junk food, but I now choose to eat sophisticated adult food, and look good in my clothes, instead.”
  • Emotional eaters – “I eat healthy foods, because I am worth it, I love myself and only put nutritious foods into by body, cake cannot make me feel better!”
  • Habitual eaters – “I love leaving food on my plate, I just push the plate away, I am calm and relaxed around food”
  • Ignorant eaters – “I nurture and look after myself, by choosing healthy, energizing foods”

You might be suffering from unconscious, self-sabotage, when it comes to releasing weight.  Regression in Hypnosis, can take you back to the core reason that is holding you back.  So regain your power, reprogram your mind, and take action to achieve the results you want.

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