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Mindfulness Series – Tip One:

Become AWARE of your thoughts as an OBSERVER – by:

  • NOT buying into any drama or paranoia
  • NOT creating and believing a ‘story’ that is negative and full of fear
  • NOT giving the thought a painful or destructive meaning

Have the understanding, that those negative thoughts, are not YOU – they are simply your default, fear-based, negative thoughts.  These have been hard-wired from Primitive times (our Reptilian Brain) – when humans needed to be on the alert for Sabre toothed tigers to survive!!

Awareness of your thoughts, is the first step in re-wiring your negative neural pathways and then creating new, positive ones.  The first step being, that when you have a negative thought, you can simply pause (take a long deep inhale and exhale, and count slowly to five) and create the SPACE for peace and stillness.

In that ‘space’, you can take a moment to look at that thought as an ‘observer’, (disassociated from the ego), and know, “that this is not me”, and instead, choose a more compassionate, kind and positive meaning for that thought.

A good example of putting this into practise, is if when having the negative thought: “I didn’t get the job that must mean I’m not good enough – there must be something wrong with me”, firstly, take a deep breath and slowly count one, two, three, four, and five.  Whilst in that ‘space’, observe the thought in a more kind, empowering and positive way, and saying to yourself: “obviously that job wasn’t meant for me – something even better is just around the corner”.

When it comes to your thoughts, always asking yourself the question, “is this thought helpful”? In the above example, with the thought, “I’m not good enough, there must be something wrong with me”, as the observer ask yourself, “is this thought useful, or, does thinking I’m not good enough, helpful”?  You can then choose a more empowering thought and meaning.

Mindfulness of THOUGHTS is key, in living a happier more peaceful and fulfilling life!


Myia Cleggett Director of Mind Motivation Coaching

Are you struggling with Weight loss?!



Do you have a constant struggle, when it comes to LOSING WEIGHT?!

Are you in one of the below categories?

Addictive – Are there some foods that once you start eating them you can’t stop? E.g. a big bucket of hot chips, or a tub of ice-cream?  Do you crave sugar?

Emotional – Do you use food to push down your emotions and feelings?  E.g. eating when you are bored, lonely, or upset?

Habitual – Did you have to finish everything on your plate, as a child?  Do you eat whenever food is in front of you regardless of whether or not you are hungry?

Ignorant – Do you think all food labelled low fat, diet and reduced sugar must be good for you?  Do you think fruit bars, apple/orange/pineapple etc. drinks are just as good as fresh fruit?

So what to do, I hear you ask?!

Awareness is the first step.  Start to train your brain to send the right signals to your subconscious.  You can do this by positive self-talk:

  • Addictive eaters – “I could choose to eat sugary/junk food, but I now choose to eat sophisticated adult food, and look good in my clothes, instead.”
  • Emotional eaters – “I eat healthy foods, because I am worth it, I love myself and only put nutritious foods into by body, cake cannot make me feel better!”
  • Habitual eaters – “I love leaving food on my plate, I just push the plate away, I am calm and relaxed around food”
  • Ignorant eaters – “I nurture and look after myself, by choosing healthy, energizing foods”

You might be suffering from unconscious, self-sabotage, when it comes to releasing weight.  Regression in Hypnosis, can take you back to the core reason that is holding you back.  So regain your power, reprogram your mind, and take action to achieve the results you want.

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Healthy salad for a healthy mind

Tips to improve weight loss



Myia Cleggett Director of Mind Motivation Coaching

How to enjoy the festive season

This time of year can sometimes be quite stressful and overwhelming, so I would love to share my three favourite tips on how to actually, ENJOY the Season of Jollyness!!

The best gift you can give, is to be a warm and happy person.’ 

Tip 1:
If you are finding it hard to summon excitement, about visiting all the relatives this season, practise the following:

Write down five positive things about the person that you are having difficulties with, for example –

  • They are a great cook
  • They have a weird (and very funny) sense of humour
  • They really love your children
  • They have lots of experience/knowledge of travel, music, sport…

This then focuses your mind on the positive as opposed to looking for, and expecting, only negative thoughts and feelings.

Tip 2:
Visualise, emotionalise and Set your Intention of how you WANT the party/lunch/dinner to go. In other words, run through your mind that you will be feeling happy, all the conversations that you can hear (all fun and filled with laughter) and see everyone smiling and happy. This is then setting a road map into your subconscious mind, as I have mentioned before, the subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real or what is imagined. So once the mind has played it, it can then start to bring that, into your reality!!

Tip 3: 

As Law of Attraction states, ‘like attracts like’, so give out the vibe/energy of what you want to receive and experience. Do the things that make you feel happy, fun and positive. This could be watching a favourite movie, listening to some fab music, talking to your best buddies.  When your vibration is excited and joyful, that is the vibration that will be drawn back to you.


Enjoy being with your loved ones and give thanks and gratitude to all the wonderful things that are already happening in your life.


Myia Cleggett Director of Mind Motivation Coaching

Vision Board

Supercharge Your Compelling Future!

In this Vlog, I want to share with you a way of creating amazing results for your future.

Your subconscious mind responds very strongly and powerfully, to images and symbols. So if you want to Design Your Dream-Life, start a ‘Vision’ or ‘Dream Board’ today!!

By representing your goals and desires with visual stimulation (i.e. pictures, photos, symbols) you start to engage your mind, which then leads to manifestation.

Just to let you know how fun and powerful it can be, I’d like to share with you, one of my examples of how it can work:

I wanted to go sailing, so I put a photo of a yacht on my Vision Board. Just a few months later, my cousin, who lives in America, emailed me and asked if my husband and I wanted to relocate a yacht he had just bought for himself. He sent a photo of it… and it looked almost identical to the photo that I had put up on my Vision Board!! It was amazing!

The Keys to ‘Delicious Dream-Boarding’:

  • Choose the area in your life that you want to super-change and super-charge (career/life-purpose, health/wellbeing, relationships, wealth, travel etc.).
  • Find images that represent or symbolize those desired experiences, and especially the feeling it would give you to experience them.
  • Have fun designing your Ideal Future by placing your images on your board, and you can enhance it even further by adding some inspiring affirmations, mantras & quotes. Make it all as colourful and as awesome as possible.
  • Include a photo of YOU on your Vision Board, surrounded by all the wonderful experiences, people & destinations, as that can help you FEEL that you are actually already living in your compelling future, because you can see it.
  • Put your Vision Board somewhere that you will see it every day – i.e. wardrobe, office, bathroom.


As you look at your board when you get up in the morning, and just before you go to bed at night, this then sends a powerful, positive and repetitive message to your subconscious mind of what you want. This will then help your subconscious mind to find it, by creating a vibrational match for your Dream Future!

Celebrate and send out gratitude when you start noticing your amazing manifestations. Have fun and ENJOY the process. Let me know how you get on, and share any of your fab results – I would love to hear from you.






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Mastering the Law of Attraction

In today’s Vlog, I am talking about one of the most powerful forces in the Universe … The Law of Attraction. I am sharing with you: How using and mastering the Principles of LOA, (Law of Attraction) can allow you to create a Magical Life!

“I believe we are Creators And I believe we create with every thought And every word. You get it When you believe it” – Jim Carey on The Law of Attraction

Just like the Law of Gravity, LOA is a very simple, yet incredibly POWERFUL law:

• What you put out into the Universe, you attract back – we attract what we focus on.
• Everything in the Universe is made up of Energy and Vibration and ‘like attracts like’.
• Everything that we attract into our lives is due to the vibration of our thoughts, emotions, words and actions.

This means that if we keep thinking a certain thought (positive or negative) over and over again, with strong emotion, we manifest what we think about into our reality.

So in other words, send out the vibration you want to attract, then the LOA can match that vibration.

To bring something into your physical world, firstly you should become aware of what you are actually thinking! You will probably find that your focus is simply on what you ‘see’ around you. And you may be happy with some of that, but of course, when you want things to change, it means that there are also things that you are not happy with.

As you analyse your thoughts more, you may even be surprised to find, that your thoughts are focused on what it is that you don’t want, most of the time…which of course you might know as worry!
And so to bring positive change into your life, start to actively shift your focus more and more, onto what you WANT to see in your life!!

Set your default, to only thinking about what you authentically desire for the good of yourself and others.

Four Keys to Master LOA

1. Change your thoughts. Focus on what you DO want as opposed to thinking and dwelling negatively on what you DON’T want. If you think about negative things, those experiences will show up, and on the flip side, if you expect and believe wonderful things…hey presto!!

2. Upgrade your emotions. Visualize and design your ideal life in your mind – the subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Really try to feel the passion and excitement in your body, as you imagine achieving your heart’s desires. Go wild!!

3. Choose your words. The words you use, will manifest into your reality. If you are saying, ‘I can’t afford this’, then that is going to be true for you…like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Whereas if you change that to, ‘I WILL be able to afford this’, it changes how you feel, and then sends out a higher, positive vibration, which will be attracted back to you.

4. Inspired Action. Set ‘Compelling Goals’ with a specific action plan. Take steps every day towards your goals – this then becomes your blueprint or ‘GPS’ for the Universe, and your subconscious mind to act upon!!

Enjoy the process and start looking for the evidence of how you can attract wonderful experiences!!


How the Reticular Activating System can help you create your reality

In today’s video I will be sharing with you how to achieve amazing goals in your life, by teaching you all about your Reticular Activating System (we’ll call it RAS for short), and how to switch it on.

So firstly, what is it? Well, the RAS, is a bundle of nerves at the base of your brain stem, and the function of this RAS is to act as a filter between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind, because there are so many millions of pieces of data that the brain is processing per second, that this filter only allows what is important and of interest to the conscious mind to think about, as it simply wouldn’t cope with trying to compute all of it.

So for an example, let’s say, that you’ve decided that you want to buy a new car and you’ve even picked the colour – it’s going to be a bright red sports car. You’ve made that decision and that has filtered through to your subconscious mind, and so, the next time you’re out on the road, all you seem to see, are red sports cars! Today, you find yourself saying, ‘oh look there’s a red sports car over there’ and then you’ll see another one, and another one…because now, you’ve got that awareness, that has been through the RAS filter, of what is important to you and of interest to you today.

Another example, is that of a pregnant lady, as soon as she’s pregnant she starts to see and be very much aware of, a lot of other pregnant ladies out there. They were out there before, but until she was pregnant, and it was of interest to her, she just wasn’t aware of them.

So, how that can help you?

Well, let’s say that you’ve decided you want a new career and you’ve decided where you want to work and the type of people you’d like to work with, and the type of work that you’d like to achieve. You set that intention, and you make that your goal and so that filters through your RAS and then into your subconscious mind. So your subconscious mind now lets your conscious reality become aware of all the people, all the opportunities, all the experiences that are of importance to you. All the ideas will suddenly come rushing through, of exactly what it is that you want. When you make that conscious decision and that goal, and write it down and speak about it and feel very passionate and emotional about it, visualising it and dreaming about it….well, that is how it goes through your RAS filter….of exactly what you want, and then your subconscious mind will then bring that into your reality.

So now you’re very much aware of what you want…just like you were aware of the red car or the pregnant lady, because you’ve focused on what you want to get through that filter.

Now, this is all great if you’re thinking positive thoughts and you’ve set that intention in the positive. But when it’s something that you’re feeling negative about and you’re thinking to yourself ‘Well I’m never on time’ or ‘I’m always going to be stuck in this job and I don’t like the people that I’m working for’, then again, all of what you’re saying, thinking and feeling, and all the actions that you’re doing, filters through the RAS and seeps into your subconscious mind, and as a result, only that awareness will be brought straight into your consciousness and so, that will be your reality.

So, be mindful of making your intent ‘positive’. Become very much aware of, ‘what I do want, and what I do want to experience and what I do want to feel’. Write it down, put energy and passion into it. Speak to people about what you do want, because you now are very much aware that there is this Reticular Activating System working all the time, this filter that will bring you what you’re focusing on. So make sure it’s positive and make sure it’s something that you want, so then you can control the reality and what happens to you in your life, which is very, very powerful!!

I wanted to share this with you today, I hope you enjoy and let me know how it helps you, on your journey x


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How to stop living your life in victim mode!

I’m so excited to share with you today, HOW TO STOP BEING A VICTIM and HOW YOU CAN TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE.

With this one easy step you can make a shift from feeling overwhelmed and “Awful Things Always Happen To Me” to feeling positive, excited and in control of your reality.

I want to show you how this works and to do that I will share with you my personal story of how my life used to be: Years ago I had this thing with car accidents.  I had THREE car accidents one after another and I kept on saying to myself “why is this happening to me, what’s wrong with me, how come this doesn’t happen to anyone else?” I felt I had absolutely NO control over what was happening in my life. My friends and family would ask me how I was and I would spend nearly all the conversation droning on and on about how much pain I was in from the whiplash, how much money I had spent on the doctors I had seen, all the X Rays I had to have done, blah, blah, blah … In the end my friends and family would make a joke about it and ask, “so which hospital have you been in this week?”  When I would meet new people, they would ask me how I was, and I would go into this big STORY about “woe is me, 3 car accidents”, I would make it sound funny, but the whole conversation would be based on doom and gloom and I would relive the feelings of pain, overwhelm, being out of control, helpless and a VICTIM of circumstance.

I finally came to the realization I didn’t want to be telling that story, and I didn’t want to be in Victim Mode anymore.  I realized the more I spoke about all the negative things that were happening in my life, the more focus and feeling I put into that story, the more those bad things kept on happening to me.  I was EXPECTING only bad experiences because that was where my focus and emotion was.  It was like I had blinkers on and could only see the bad stuff.

So how does this help you?   Tell me, what is YOUR story?  When someone asks how you are, do you jump right in and talk about all the negative things that have happened to you?  Is your story about how you are putting on weight, how you hate your job, how you keep on attracting the wrong partner etc.

So to make a shift from being in Victim Mode and experiencing all the negative things that are happening in your reality, you can choose to instead, become a solution orientated story teller!  Begin to come up with all the positive actions, thoughts and feelings of the life and reality that you DO want.  Write a list of exactly how you want your life to play out, the great solutions and ideas, of your ideal scenario.  When you are writing out, and thinking, and talking about these positive choices, really feel the powerful emotion of, being in control.

Once I made the decision to stop living in Victim Mode, I changed my story.  I did not even mention my car accidents or the physical pain I was experiencing.  My new story was, how much I was enjoying my fun, strengthening classes that I was doing.  I would talk about the great things that I was looking forward to, a new course that I was applying for, swimming in the ocean.  I made a shift from feeling negative and out of control to focussing only on the good and the positive.  I found, once I made this deliberate choice to only look for the happy circumstances in my life, I attracted more of that reality.

You have a choice to Change Your Story, Change Your Life!!  I would love to know how this helps you, please share your wonderful new story with me?


How to Create an Amazing Future with Mind Motivation Coaching

In my first video, I will be sharing with you, how I can help you transform your life! I will be explaining how I use Hypnotherapy, NLP and Success Coaching, to empower women to lead a life of their dreams. Using these techniques to install a positive, successful mind-set, clear any self sabotage, pin-point the core reason to what is holding you back and help you achieve your dream goals. Enjoy!


How to attract more Happiness and Success into your life.

Your thoughts create your reality. Your thoughts, words and emotions are made up of energy and if you are giving off a negative vibration, then that is what is drawn to you. As the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics state, that which we focus on expands and like attracts like. In other words, if we have negative self-talk (nothing ever goes right for me or I’m not clever enough…) and we then start to feel bad and talk to people as to, how difficult life is, then more of those negative experiences will be attracted to you. Whereas the opposite is true too, if you have a positive mindset, positive self-talk (I know I can do this or wonderful things always happen to me) and you feel good then more of THOSE experiences will be attracted to you.

So I will be sharing a powerful practice with you, on my Vlog, on how to make the shift from feeling negative and unhappy to enjoying a positive, successful mindset. Start creating your dream life now!!