We all lack confidence at some point in our lives. Looking for a new job, being assigned a big project, meeting new people, going for an important interview, public speaking, and even small day-to-day tasks, can be daunting.

The Top 5 Self-Limiting Beliefs are:

·       Fear of Judgement: ‘What will people think?’

·       I’m too old or too young

·       I’m not smart enough

·       I just can’t do it

·       I don’t feel that I really deserve it

Self-limiting beliefs affect you on a deep subconscious level.

Removing negative thoughts and self-sabotaging habits will immediately boost your confidence!

In this Specialised Confidence Program we address:

·       The core limiting beliefs that are holding you back

·       Clearing any resistance

·       Shifting negative perceptions

·       Releasing fear/anger/hurt/guilt/insecurity/blame

·       Reprogramming the subconscious mind to experience confidence and positivity

Confidence is all to do with your emotions.  Begin to release the negative behaviours, feelings, habits and self talk that have held you prisoner.  Realize you have a choice; you don’t have to live your life with your negative programming any more.

Self-confidence is the single most important component that separates people who are successful, from those who are not.

Don’t wait any longer, start to enjoy living an empowered life, filled with confidence, happiness and freedom!! Click here to book a session with Myia.